Solar Roller Shades

Solar Roller Shades are an innovative combination of sheer beauty and function. Solar Rollers offer different degrees of visibility of the outdoors while protecting furnishings from harmful UV rays indoors. Perfect option for sun control in sun rooms or any spot needing protection from direct light and heat from the sun.

Offered in a multitude of options and an opacity range from very sheer to semi-sheer, these products enhance your decor while allowing you to enjoy your surroundings. Fabric opacity percentages range from 1% (very darkening) to 14% (more sheer). Your in-home specialist can suggest which solar roller fabrics may best suit your needs.

Window Flair Inc. offers a wide variety of Solar Shade Manufacturers and the links to each are listed below.

Our manufacturers offer special programs every month and it is our goal to bring you the best product for the best price during our appointment.

Solar Roller shades typically come in different opacity levels and many resemble screens. Some collections offer more designer materials including natural textures and a fabric look weave.

There have been many new innovations in solar roller shades mainly centered around child safety and ease of use. Most can be ordered with cordless operation and motorized as well. Motorization is a popular choice for high windows and commercial applications as well.

Solar shades can be controlled in a variety of ways.

Standard Roller
On a standard roller shade, the roller tube is visible when the fabric rolls off the back. Raise and lower standard roller shades with cord loop operation.

Duel Shade
Room darkening shade either in front or in back, A sheer or light filtering on the opposite side. This shade takes significant depth for an inside mount.

Cordless Lift System
Offers a clean appearance, ease of use and peace of mind for homes with children and pets.

Motorization RF Control
A motorized lift system raises and lowers one shade or a group of shades with the push of a button. Radio-frequency motorization is excellent for any space with large windows, multiple windows, or for the simple convenience and child-safe method of operating shades.

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